Sequalitchew Creek Trail

Isn’t this weather lovely?

Less rain plus more sun equals happy smiling people in the Craker household! I took advantage of a recent sunny day by going for a run at Sequalitchew Creek Trail.

2016-03-19 07.54.22

This past week I’ve spent part of my lunch break running around the neighborhoods of DuPont and while the town is nice I was itching for some type of nature run. That’s what makes this trail so amazing. It starts in the parking lot of DuPont City Hall, but before you know it you are surrounded by trees, bushes and pumping alongside Sequalitchew Creek.

2016-03-19 07.55.45

The sound of the moving water, birds and rustling of the leaves had me aching for summer. Don’t worry, I’m aware summer doesn’t officially start until July, but I’ll still cling to every warm day from now until then!

The trail weaves through the wooded area on footing that switches up from pavement, to gravel to dirt. You know you are nearing the end when you come up to a tunnel under some train tracks which spits you out onto the shore where you can get beautiful secluded views of the Olympic Mountains and the Puget Sound.

2016-03-19 08.04.47

2016-03-19 08.05.42

The trail is 2.8 miles in and out and is perfect for those looking for an easy hike with no major hills or drop offs. Although if your kids likes to run off like mine does, just be sure they hug the inside of the trail so they don’t fall off into the creek.

2016-03-19 08.07.39


 – Veronica Sandate Craker

If you go
Location: When entering DuPont from I-5, take exit 118 and turn right onto Center Drive. Go a little more than a mile then turn left onto Civic Drive. Turn into the police station/city hall parking lot. The trail head is adjacent to city hall.
When: With lots of trees in the area I’d avoid the trail during windy days. Otherwise it is perfect all year-round.
What: Sequalitchew Creek trail. It is a little less than three miles round trip.
Fees: No fees
Kid-friendly: Strong. With flat ground and mostly easy terrain, children should have no trouble navigating on their own or in backpacks. I even saw some parents pushing kids in jogging strollers.

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  1. randy craker says:

    just finished reading the last four entries from you two. Pretty cool what you do and how you share it with the world. Good job!

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