Traveling the PNW at Mt. Rainier.
Veronica, Catarina and Craig at Mt. Rainier.

Traveling the PNW is the result of our love for the great outdoors. Make no mistake, we are not your typical crunchy, granola, tree-hugging hippies who spend days hiking in the wilderness foregoing showers and eating berries and homemade kombucha.

OK, we are a tad crunchy, we love granola and trees, but at least ONE of us has to be able to take a shower every other day (at minimum!). We aren’t marathon runners, but we do like to hike. We love exploring new places, learning about the area around us and showing our daughter the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

This blog will take you with us as we explore the various trails, beaches, and woods the northwest has to offer. We aren’t experts so our hikes will be accessible to just about everyone.

Cat and Vero
Cat and Veronica 

We even bring our daughter Cat along with us (and sometimes our dogs). And we will do it all without spending thousands of dollars on hiking and camping equipment.




We will also have periodic updates on our attempts at green living, including growing a vegetable garden, not using our dryer (maybe?), easy to make vegan recipes, and whatever thoughts cross our mind.


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