Art on the Ave

A few weeks ago Craig, Cat and I attended Art on the Ave in Tacoma. The annual event takes place on Sixth Avenue. (obviously)

There is live music, food, vendors and of course art. We didn’t buy anything (unless you count the vegan ice cream bar I bought at the Tacoma Co-Op) so there isn’t much to write about. I just wanted to share some photos of our recent outing. There’s always something going on in this area so it’s nice to have the access to it.

One of the big bonuses to moving to a large urban area is the ability to go to festivals – and there are a lot of them here. Tacoma has a diverse population and features a recently remodeled art museum downtown. It also has a renowned glass museum, and there are lots of beautiful murals on buildings downtown, on the Hilltop and on Sixth Avenue.

That said, we were expecting a bit more local art on display at this festival. Instead, it was just mainly fair food and sponsor booths. They did have three music stages playing varying types of music, though, and overall it was a fun atmosphere.

– Veronica Sandate Craker

There were plenty of food vendors. I like this photo because the guy in the black hat looks like he’s telling a heck of a story!
The City Central Church in Tacoma was out giving free face paintings. A pretty cool idea since other booths were charging for this service.
And because this is Tacoma, there was of course glass blowing.


Kinda wanted to buy the Anna from Frozen key chain.




Cat was supposed to be napping so she just hung out in her stroller people watching. Lucky kid.

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