A tiny person lives here


Just some pictures to prove we live with a tiny person.
This tiny person likes to stuff blueberries in her mouth.
She likes to hug Molly.

She likes to lay down with her cheek on your cheek and go to sleep. (It’s cute, but it is not comfortable or sweet at 5 a.m.)
She likes to pick books for you to read to her.
She likes to spread her toys all over the living room and then ignore them.

She likes to run back and forth in the front yard as if someone is chasing her.
She likes to play with Molly’s dog food. (And maybe even eat it too.)
She loves to chew on her Teddy Bear’s ear.


This tiny person won’t always be so tiny.

My tiny person after eating a plate of spaghetti. Only a bath will get that sauce off her nose.

I need someone to figure out a way to stop the aging process. Not for me, I’m OK with getting old, but for my tiny person. I need her to stay small.

I need her to always want hugs. I need her to like holding my hand and walking beside me.

I need her to stay a tiny person.

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