Wilson Creek

It all started with a question.

“What are you guys doing this weekend?”

It was my way of making morning small talk with my coworkers while seeping a green tea bag in a mug of hot water. The result of the morning chatter was a plan for a group of us to spend a few hours at Wilson Creek about 20 miles south of Nampa, Idaho. With our office closed on Good Friday and Catarina’s daycare open I knew I had to seize this opportunity to get some sun and nature air in my lungs on a hike that she likely couldn’t manage.


Wilson Creek is a popular spot for mountain bikers, in fact, we saw a few while hiking through the green-hilled valleys.


This treeless hike is ideal from October to April, but once the temperature begins to rise you will want to make it an early morning trek. We were fortunate to enjoy cool temperatures in the morning and warm sunrays on our back as we hiked back to the car.


I have no idea how far we hiked but I know we were out there for about three hours. A good half hour to 45 minutes was spent sunning on a large boulder while we ate our lunches.

The most exciting part of the expedition had to be when one of my coworkers suggested we scale the side of a boulder heavy cliffside to get some elevation in our hike. We were in the midst of making our way up when a rattling sound suddenly pierced the air.

“That’s a rattler,” said one of my other co-workers matter-of-factly.


His dog Duke walked right over it setting the snake off to warn us we were trampling around his home. With that, we quickly pivoted and made our way back down. No sense in tempting fate by trying to hike around it. Growing up in West Texas I have had it drilled into my brain to stay as far away from rattlers as possible.

Once we made it back down the cliffside we quickly regrouped and decided maybe we should enjoy other parts of the area.


Wilson Creek has about 17 miles of trails, but because there isn’t much shrubbery you can easily skip off the path and explore the rock formations.

And of course, there were the cows. The area is open to free-range cattle nibbling at the green grass. We came across a herd near the end of our hike and while they seemed curious to see us, they eventually trotted off in the other direction.


Overall I give Wilson Creek two thumbs up. The views you get of Nampa and the Boise Mountains are impressive and the trail is mostly flat so even the novice hiker (like myself) can enjoy it.


Veronica Craker

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