No longer just a spectator

Periodically this week I find myself paralyzed. It might be at work or in the car, at home or in the shower, at the grocery store or while eating. How did a racist, misogynist, gay-hating, sexually-assaulting degenerate get elected President of the United States?

As I watched the election results unfold on Tuesday evening a growing sense of despair overcame me. What do we do with this awful reality? So far I’ve unplugged from social media, avoided talking to gloating Republicans and generally bemoaned things with fellow progressives.

I’ve also talked with a lot of people about how we as progressives have obviously failed considering how few people showed up to vote, and that we couldn’t convince people to vote for the better candidate.

So, rather than just sit back and continue to be an idle progressive, I want to be an active progressive.

The time to get involved and start to make actual change is now – no more just supporting something through words or social media or money; it’s time to put actions to our beliefs.

That said, I don’t necessarily know how to make that action happen. The best way is probably to start in our local communities by helping the needy, immigrants, people of color, the LGBQT community and the youth.

These are the people who will be punished the most by Donald Trump’s ensuing administration. As a heterosexual, white, middle class man his policies aren’t likely to directly affect me all that much – other than in the pocketbook or by destroying the environment – but that just means that I need to do even more for those in need.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here is a list of places to volunteer here in Tacoma. Let’s get to work, folks. We can’t change the outcome of this election, but we can do something as a result of it.

General services

Catholic Community Services of Western Washington:

Goodwill Tacoma:


Lutheran Community Services:

Salvation Army:


Meals on Wheels (delivering food to homebound seniors, the disabled and more):

Planned Parenthood:


Hilltop Artists:

Tacoma School District:

Stand Up For Kids (National non-profit trying to end youth homelessness):

Community Youth Services (Empowers youth at-risk and their families to meet their goals for safety, stability, belonging and success):


Rainbow Center:

Oasis Youth Center (a safe place for queer youth):

Cedar River Clinics (social justice organization that combines direct services and community education):

Domestic Violence

Crystal Judson Family Justice Center (Serves the needs of domestic violence victims and their children):


Washington engage:


Northwest Immigrant Rights Project:

Tacoma Community House (education, employment, immigration advocacy):

AIDNW (Advocates for immigrants in Detention Northwest):


Million Women March on DC on Jan. 21, 2017:

Showing Up For Racial Justice (White People for racial justice):

Black Lives Matter:


– Craig Craker

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  1. randy craker says:

    Thank you son for your thoughtful response to what has happened. I had the thought that on 9/11 we had a chilling event from without take place in our nation. Now 15 years later on 11/9 we awakened to find a result that could impact us from within. But our faith in a God who leads us and people who respond to the prophets call to care about the people you have listed, moves us in the right direction.


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