Bresemann Forest

I was fortunate to get to spend a week at home before starting my new job. I spent my time relaxing, organizing all the rooms of the house, rearranging furniture and of course getting plenty of Catarina time. But by Friday I really had an urge to get out of the house and spend sometime outside.

That’s what brought us to Bresemann Forest in Parkland . The park entrance is from the Sprinker Recreation Center parking lot. Once inside there are trails and water.

Admittedly we were a bit tepid about going in because of the fog, but once we started in it was smooth sailing. There are trails, bridges, and paths to explore, which is quite odd for a park smack dab south of Tacoma.

We hope to go visit again when we have more time and when it is a bit warmer.

Here’s some pictures of our little walk.





My sister and I joked that we were breaking so many “Lifetime Movie” rules by hiking into the a scary forest with just us girls, but we figured Molly gave off the impression that she could protect us. Ha! I think the only person Molly has ever shown protection for is Catarina. So at least she’d be safe.

– Veronica Sandate Craker

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