Visiting the farms on Green Bluff

Over the past few years we’ve developed a little tradition when we visit Craig’s parents in Spokane. When we first moved to Washington five years ago we were living in The Tri-Cities about three hours south of Spokane. During our first month in our new home Molly and I made the trip up to Spokane to visit with Randy and Robbie (Craig’s parents) and his brother Mick his wife Kim and their two kids.

The Green Bluff church.
The Green Bluff church.

Mick and Kim were in town for a wedding so it seemed like the perfect time for everyone to get together. Craig had to stay in the Tri-Cities for work and since I was still without a job I was a free bird! (Although fun fact, I got a phone call from my old boss Noe saying I’d been hired at In Home Medical while I was on this trip so I wasn’t unemployed for long.) That weekend we all took a drive up to Green Bluff which is a large group of small family farms and food stands.

One of the farms we visited had this great play area so Cat could enjoy herself while we looked around.

Visitors can enjoy purchasing locally grown fruit and veggies, pick-your-own fruit and a number of yearly festivals. There are even Christmas Tree farms for those who prefer freshly cut trees. This first visit sparked an “accidental tradition” so that whenever we are in Spokane in the late summer or early fall months we head up to the Harvest House for lunch. Recently we found ourselves in Spokane and decided to make our trip up the mountain for fresh fruit and a great sandwich lunch.

The Harvest House is a family farm that has u-pick peaches and apples. The first time I was there in 2010 I picked apples and the next year we picked pumpkins.

The orchard at the Harvest House in 2010.
The pumpkin patch at The Harvest House in 2010.

The Harvest House also has a giant corn maze. I know there are lots of these types of farms in Washington, but what makes Green Bluff so unique is that there are 35 farms open to the public all in one location. So you can pick apples at one farm, get lunch at another and snag some ice cream at another on the way out.

A fun sign at an antique store at one of the Green Bluff farms.
A fun sign at an antique store at one of the Green Bluff farms.

I like to daydream about living the farm life, but honestly I know it is hard work and I was built for air conditioning and Netflix. So for now I’ll enjoy my little garden and leave the farming to the professionals.

If you go
Location: 15 minutes north of Spokane in the foothills of Mt. Spokane. See a map HERE.
When: Each farm keeps its own hours so check the website before heading up.
Fees: None to visit, but you’ll want cash to purchase produce and meals.
Kid-friendly: Very!

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  1. Yolanda says:

    I love traditions! Old or New really doesn’t matter.


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