It’s a girl!

That’s right we’re welcoming a new member to the Traveling the PNW family.

Her name is Tori and she’s my little sister. My 23-year-old little sister to be exact.

Tori is  living with us, helping out with Catarina while working and going to school to get her masters degree in education. Tori has her BA in Secondary Education from UTPB and has been working as a dance teacher for the past five years.

We hope to get out and about to show Tori around her new home. So hopefully that means more blog content!

In the meantime enjoy some fun links for your weekend reading.

Seven ways to raise grateful kids in an over-entitled world.

Thinking of making this vegetarian jambalaya this week. Yum!

Have you heard of the Seasonal Birth Effect? 

Want this shirt.

And in honor of Tori moving out of Texas I give you “What it’s like to leave your hometown for the first time.”

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