Fun Links for Weekend Reading

Happy Saturday!

It’s a busy day in the Craker household. Craig’s sister (and recent Traveling the PNW contributor) Liv is coming for a short visit. She has business in western Washington this week so we get to host her for a night on Sunday and then again on Friday. Of course Craig has big plans for her visit so we are busy trying to whip our house (actually just the guest room which has turned into an extra storage shed) into shape. Hopefully you get to take it easy today. If so, feel free to peruse some of these links.


Here’s a cool time lapse video of a volcano erupting in Chile. Things start to get really intense around the 1:40 mark. Nature is wicked.

I recently read an NPR article about Outdoor Afro. Rue Mapp created the organization to “reconnect African-Americans to the outdoors.” Be sure to check out her website HERE. Very inspiring!

Remember that STUDY showing trees are beneficial to our health? I thought about it after reading this piece: “Tree Hugging Ins’t As Bad As You Think.”

Ever thought of becoming a homesteader? I know we have, but after reading these “Day in the Life” stories I’m not so sure we can hack it!

And finally, a feel good story out of Washington about high school students who made “lily pads” for hospitalized children. Get the tissues handy.

-Veronica Sandate Craker

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