Fun links for weekend reading

Happy Independence Day! How are you celebrating the Fourth of July?

I’ll be working. But don’t feel bad for me, it will only be for a few hours and then I’ll join some friends for a BBQ. Today is a very special day, because not only is it the day of our nation’s birth, but it is also the day of my big brother’s birth. Happy Birthday, Nick! That’s us in the picture above. We must have just gotten out of our first day of school at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Odessa, Texas. I guess kindergartners didn’t have to wear uniforms? Actually, I think mine didn’t come in until the first week of school so I got to wear normal clothes.

542460_3288680939044_317781965_n (1)
The Sandate family celebrating Nick’s 18th? birthday. Tori, far left, Veronica, Nick, Emilio, Yolanda and Johnny. Check out those wicked bangs!

When I was little I recall thinking that people were shooting off fireworks for my brother’s birthday. I think that only lasted a couple of years before I figured out his birthday was actually on a holiday.

Growing up we spent many Fourth of July’s at my grandfather’s ranch in Texas. The whole family would show up and we’d sit outside eating and popping fireworks. I cannot believe our parents let us do the things we would do back then. I remember shooting off Roman Candles and even aiming them at people! Sometimes we would set off the fountain fireworks and then take turns jumping over them. What were we thinking? What were our parents thinking? I made Craig keep a tight hold on Catarina when she was just blowing out her birthday candles. I think I need to ease up on this helicopter parenting.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great weekend. Here are some links I’ve cultivated from around the web just for you.

America Ferrera’s awesome letter to Donald Trump.

How to eat for your Zodiac Sign. Don’t judge me I didn’t write it.

A crow and a dog play tag. Don’t you just love animals?

I plan on making this corn salad for a vegan potluck next week. I plan to use mint from our garden!

10 things to do for your house guests. I apparently need to step up my game.


– Veronica Sandate Craker

P.S. Thanks to my Aunt Mary for having these pictures on her Facebook!

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