Fun links for weekend reading

~Ross Gellar voice~ Heeeyyyy.

Yeah, so this has been an exhausting week in the Craker household. We haven’t been working with our normal schedule so the “well oiled machine” that is our household has come to a screeching halt. Actually, it’s more of a 10 car pileup. People are exhausted, dogs are confused, plants are getting watered too much and toddlers nap schedules are so out of whack there’s been very little nighttime sleeping.


But we are a positive bunch so we choose to look at the brighter side. The house didn’t burn down, everyone remembered to feed the kid and we’ve been eating peas right from our garden.

Not bad.

I think we are going to take it easy this weekend. Maybe stick close to home and try to get our bearings. Also we’ll figure out some way to celebrate Father’s Day. I’m a pretty lucky girl. I grew up with a great dad. I married a man who became a great dad and I even have a great father-in-law. So Happy Father’s Day Dad, Randy and Craig!

Also, some fun and interesting links we’ve gathered for you.

  • Could 3D Printers bring the end of animal dissection in the classroom? Let’s hope so!
  • A magazine cover for dads.
  • Take this quiz to find out if you’re a yuccie? Apparently I am the farthest thing from one. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not…
  • THIS is my favorite homemade “pizza.” So easy and so good.
  • I just downloaded this free book on my Kindle. I am very excited.
  • Wednesday Adams, my spirit animal.
  • Why Washington State is better than your state. (Sorry Texas!)



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